SINCE 1929

Radiomarelli is among the most famous Italian brands in consumer electronics industry. Was founded in November 1929 by Giovanni Agnelli and the President of Ercole Marelli, in order to patent, develop and market radios in Italy. Originally was a specialized division of Magneti Marelli.

The first Radiomarelli models were produced with US patents.The famous commercial slogan of Radiomarelli n was “The best in radio”. Excellent quality radios and futuristic designers. Quickly become the leading company in the sector. In 1936 Radiomarelli pioneered in experimental research in futuristic “e”television “.

In 1939 Radiomarelli and Magneti Marelli were among the first companies in the world to present the first electronic television sets. It was an epochal step in the world of consumer electronics. Radiomarelli became, in the postwar years, synonymous with cutting edge technology. It experienced a capillary development throughout the Italian territory until reaching its peak in the sixties, until the seventies. The actual Ownership has returned to invest on the development of the brand in the world.



  • Accessories


    Radiomarelli mobile phones accessories. High quality, italian desisgn, special packaging.

  • Radiomarelli Radios


    The Radiomarelli tradition pushed us, with great enthusiasm, to make new vintage radios infused with modern technology. Thanks to the skilful hands of our master joiners  and engineers we are making excellent and inimitable products. Absolutely “made in Italy”. The use of finest materials ((ebony, walnut, birch) exalt sound quality and listening. Radiomarelli radios are true artwork.

  • Mobile Technology

    Mobile Technology

    Radiomarelli is running on the new way: developing the new generation of mobile phones, tablet and devices. We cannot stop, we’re going on!

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